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Kitten plans 2014

Kitten plans 2014

Sist oppdatert 21.09.2014

21.09.2014 - We are expecting kittens after Azora and Senna the next week.

RW LegendPixies Azora and IW QGC LegensTales Senna of LegendPixies
Breed in July 2014, and kittens are expected the end of September.

17.03.2014 - Here are the future maitings we have planed so fare this year:

RW FairyBerendey Harmony of LegendPixies and RW LegendPixies Skywalker
(October/November 2014)

 You are welcome to send us an email if you want to be on a waitinglist for one of the kittens from these litters.

November 2013

September 2014

Sist oppdatert 26.11.2013

26.11.13 - Azora got a lovely boy kitten friday morning, he is shorthair and poly-foot with a long tail. More info and photos will come soon as he open his eyes.

April 2014

April 2014

Sist oppdatert 30.04.2014 

28.04.2014 - Skywalker on Danish TV:


25-27.04.2014 - TICA Show in Denmark - On friday we went to the show with Skywalker, as we got Harmony thursday and thought she was to tired after the flight from Russia to be at the show. Saturday we had both our kittens with us at the show, and had a lot of fun. Running from judge to judge all day long, both saturday and sunday.

Skywlaker got one final friday and one final sunday, and is the current Regional Winner in TICA EN 2013/2014. Harmony got two finals saturday and is the current Regional Winner in EN 2013/2014 (TICA EN is Europe North). 

24.04.2014 - We got our lovely Pixie-Bob girl from Irina at the hotel in Glostrup. She was a little afraid at the first 5 minutes in our room, but after that she was and is the most loveley and sweet cat we ever met. Thank you Irina for bringing this girl to us, and to Tatiana for raising a very loving girl. 

08.04.2014 - Website updated with new photos of the lovely kittens after LegendPixies Panamera and Alsoomse Short Rainbow (Bow)  10 weeks: Dixie, Hercules and Maximus


Our future Queen
LegendPixies Dixie
10 weeks


01.03.2014 -

March 2014

March 2014

Sist oppdatert 19.03.2014 

19.03.2014 - We have to change the name on our little Harmony because we can't have two cats with the same name, as we will have the female from Russia soon that also is named Harmony (my daughter's named her in October several months before our Harmony was born). We will change her name from LegendPixies Harmony to LegendPixies Dixie :-)

17.03.2014 - We will a have a semilong hair bob-tail Pixie-Bob girl FairyBernendey Harmony born 2.nd October 2013 at the end of April. We are so excited to meet this very beautiful and lovely girl, and thank you very much Irina for let us have this little Prinsess in our program as a future Queen. We plan to breed her with our King LegendPixies Skywalker in October/November 2014.

FairyBerenday Harmony 
3 weeks
FairyBerenday Harmony
5 months
FairyBerenday Harmony
5 months

01.03.2014 - Website updated with new photos of the lovely kittens after LegendPixies Panamera and Alsoomse Short Rainbow (Bow) 5 weeks: Harmony, Hercules and Maximus

January 2014

January 2014

Sist oppdatert 26.01.2014

26.01.2014 - Panamera got 3 lovely kittens yesterday, all shorthair - two Bob-Tail (Straight-Feet) and one long tail with extra toes (Poly-Foot) kitten. We'll come back with info of the gender as soon as we know.



16.01.2014 - Website updated with new photos of the lovely kittens 10 weeks: Lilly, Obi-Wan, Leon, Skywalker and Yoda

03.01.2014 - We are expecting kittens to be born the 25 th of January after LegendPixies Panamera and Alsoomse Short Rainbow (Bow) We are expecting both semilong and short -hair in this litter and both poly- and straight foot.

LegendPixies Panamera 9 and 12 months

Alsoomse Short Rainbow (Bow) 9 months and 12 months

03.01.2014 - Website updated with new photos of the lovely kittens 8 weeks: Lilly, Obi-Wan, Leon, Skywalker and Yoda

Desember 2013

December 2013

Sist oppdatert 15.12.2013

12.12.2013 - We got our new female Wilma from US today, and we thank Konnie in ForeatHunter Pixie-Bob for let us have this lovely and very special girl as a future Queen our program. Wilma is just amazing, and have a fantastic outgoing personality she purres and kneeds all the time, and she also love to play with our little puppy Billy. 

05.12.2013 - Website updated with new photos of the lovely kittens 3 weeks: Lilly, Obi-Wan, Leon, Skywalker and Yoda

November 2013

November 2013

Sist oppdatert 26.11.2013

26.11.13 - Website updated with new photos of the lovely kittens 3 weeks: Lilly, Obi-Wan, Leon, Skywalker and Yoda

16.11.13 - Azora's kittens are 4 boys and 1 girl, we have updated the site with new photos etc. of the lovely kittens 10 days: Lilly, Obi-Wan, Leon, Skywalker and Yoda

 06.11.13 - Azora got 5 lovely kittens, 4 long- and 1 shorttail, 4 poly- and 1 straightfoot. Gender, more info and photos will come soon as they open their eyes. 

03.11.13 - Yesterday we was visiting our new familymember Billy. He was VERY sweet and calm puppy, and we are sure he will bring a lot of joy and love into our family, and specially to my daughter when we bring him home next saturday.

Oktober 2013

October 2013

Sist oppdatert 03.11.2013

24.10.13 - We are excited to soon have a very nice looking, and lovely female ForestHunter Wilma as future Queens in our program. We just can't wait for her to come to Norway :-)


- Wilma will join us nov/dec 2013, more info and pictures will come as soon as we have her with us.


- We are also excited for the new litter we expect in 2 weeks, and we hope for a lot of great looking and the very best personality kittens. As their parents (Azora/Bow) have very sweet personality.