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LegendPixies is a small Pixie-Bob cattery reg. in TICA 2008 located in Lillestrøm, 20 km from Oslo in Norway.

We are proud to be the first and so far the only breeder in Norway of the fantastic breed Pixie-Bob. Our goal is to breed high quality Pixie-Bob kittens with good health, personality, and the PB breed standard. 

They say that Pixie-Bobs is

"The Dog of The Cat World!"

We just say they are the finest cats you've ever meet!

  Who says that cats and dogs can't be friends? Take a look at theese two buddies :-)

Billy: "I want to play with you...."

Wilma: "Ok, let's play :-)"

Billy: "Who 's the Boss ;-)"


Just take a look at what

Animal Planet says:


And take a look at our Azora playing with her ball:



TICA (EN REGION) 2009/2010 :


RW LegendPixies Azora -BEST Pixie-Bob kitten

RW LegendPixies Otto2.nd BEST Pixie-Bob kitten (Owners: Mona and Jarle)

RW QGC Alter LegendPixies Sweet Pea - BEST Pixie-Bob Alter (Owner: Simone)

RW TGC Alsoomse Short RainbowBEST Pixie-Bob (EN)

IW QGC LegendTales Senna of LegendPixies - 2.nd BEST Pixie-Bob longhair (EN)


 First Pixie-Bob kittens born in Norway 5th November 2008

RW QGC Alter LegendPixies Sweet Pea and RW LegendPixies Azora


IW QGC LegendTales Senna of LegendPixies

Our lovely longhaired
International Winner

Quadruple Grand Champion

LegendTales Senna
of LegendPixies

Our lovely shorthair Regional Winner

Triple Grand Champion

Alsoomse Short Rainbow "Bow"

The lovely retired Queen, and heritage of our program
Regional Winner

Double Grand Champion

LegendTales X-Cite of LegendPixies


American Bob-Cat 

"Lynx Rufus"